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Perhaps you are interested in finding your Space with us. The opportunities are infinite as Space itself! You can support any one of our activities or collaborate with us on your programs, or suggest activities that are aligned to our Vision and Mission. By now you also know that we are endeavoring to establish Dharma Nilayam in Sikkim. We have also said earlier that anything good happening in any corner of this planet positively impacts the entire world and its citizens wherein the world is one single stage where people from different walks of life are offering their enactments. Needless to say that a project of this dimension requires enormous resources - human, monetary and material. You too can make your contributions and become a part of this movement. Contributions could be both tangible and intangible. A heartfelt prayer or a sincere goodwill wish is as potent a contribution as any monetary or material support to the cause. Ultimately you should be able to feel the warmth of participation and accomplishment when the edifices of Dharma Nilayam evolve. You will then feel grateful and privileged for having added a brick to this monument through your contribution.

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If you face any issue in the donation process, please call our helpline number : +919593633343
We will help you step by step.

All donations made to us are eligible for tax exemptions under article 80G of the income tax act 1961. 

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